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Enjoy this collection of death quotes, they are deep thoughts on death and what lies beyond. I hope you will find a use for them in whatever situation you might be in.
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" There is nothing that Nature has made necessary which is more easy than death; we are longer a-coming into the world than going out of it; and there is not any minute of our lives wherein we may not reasonably expect it. Nay, it is but a momen'ts work, the parting of soul and body. What a shame is it then to stand in fear of anything so long that is over so soon! "

- Seneca

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Welcome to the website dedicated to death quotes.

My name is Erika and I collect quotes about death among many other subjects. I put together this website to share my collection with others, especially anyone that is in need of peace, tranquility and wisdom.

Death is a normal part of human life. Certainly, it can appear unexpectedly and bring grief or fear, but it can also be peaceful and happy. I hope that in these death quotes you find enlightenment and peace.