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Enjoy this collection of death quotes, they are deep thoughts on death and what lies beyond. I hope you will find a use for them in whatever situation you might be in.
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" Nobody knows what death is, nor whether to man it is perchance the greatest of blessings, yet people fear it as if they surely knew it to be the worse of evils. "

- Socrates

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Welcome to Death Quotes on August 2, 2015

Welcome to the website dedicated to death quotes.

My name is Erika and I collect quotes about death among many other subjects. I put together this website to share my collection with others, especially anyone that is in need of peace, tranquility and wisdom.

Death is a normal part of human life. Certainly, it can appear unexpectedly and bring grief or fear, but it can also be peaceful and happy. I hope that in these death quotes you find enlightenment and peace.